ROHAshton 2

Ashton mixed bill
Royal Opera House
Saturday, 3rd June 2017

The Dream, Symphonic Variations, Marguerite and Armand 2 – 06/03/2017

Alessandra Ferri and Federico Bonelli as Marguerite and Armand
Titania: Francesca Hayward
Oberon: Marcelino Sambé
Puck: David Yudes
Cobweb: Emma Maguire
Peaseblossom: Gemma Pitchley Gale
Mustardseed: Romany Pajdak
Moth: Elizabeth Harrod
Bottom: Bennet Gartside
Hermia: Claire Calvert
Lysander: Matthew Ball
Helena: Itziar Mendizabal
Demetrius: Tomas Mock
SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS: Lauren Cuthbertson, Leticia Stock, Yasmine Naghdi, Reece Clarke, Benjamin Ella, Joseph Sissens
Marguerite: Alessandra Ferri
Armand: Federico Bonelli
His father: Gary Avis


Crying thinking this was my last Royal ’til October.
Headed to Covent Garden for a matinée bound in a wonderful summery morning, after being amazed by yesterday’s opening night.

Once again, The Dream was a literal one, and I loved the partnership between Marcelino Sambé and Francesca Hayward as Oberon and Titania: there’s an amazing chemistry between the two of them, and they both did brilliant in their principal roles.

Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambé as Titania and Oberon

I enjoyed Frankie’s Titania more than Takada’s: she’s such a sparkly gem and truly perfect for Ashton. Marcelino wowed in a majestic performance as well – he was so in the part, I’m glad I bought a last minute ticket. Perhaps Marcelino still does not have McRae’s technique, but he was really expressive, and I think I felt this Dream more than yesterdays, maybe because of Marcelino and Frankie, truly emotional together

The corp de ballet was stunning as per usual, and I really liked David Yudes’ Puck, he’s grown so much as an artist since the first time I saw him at Prix de Lausanne in 2015.


Reece Clarke in Symphonic Variations

Lauren Cuthbertson dazzled in her Symphonic Variation, and hands up for Reece Clarkle for managing so well that wardrobe-malfunction (I was so nervous waiting to see how he would have handled it)!

Great debut for Joseph Sissens as well: at his first year in the company, he shows a stage confidence many others way older would find difficult to achieve.


Alessandra Ferri and Federico Bonelli as Marguerite and Armand

And then, a Ferri and Bonelli masterpiece! They are a great italian artwork together, and she was amazing as Marguerite. I wouldn’t be able to decide if I preferred hers or Zenaida’s, they were both marvelous: Ferri gave the public a heartbreaking Marguerite and Bonelli was a fantastic Armand, really different from Bolle’s lack of emotion (yeah, there I can say who was the best one between him and Bolle!). They dance so good alongside each other!

Today as yesterday, the stage door was so crowded they asked us to wait outside (thankfully it was a sunny and hot day, I don’t wanna think about how I’d freeze this winter if they’ll ask us to stand outside the doors in London’s cold nights). I love listening to comments after the show, but this time I really had to keep my hands an italian couple was talking poorly about some dancers I love, and without a point!
However, I got my usual signed programme – new project with the most signed ones among my RB programmes coming soon!

Programme signed by Francesca Hayward, Marcelino Sambé, Lauren Cuthbertson, Joseph Sissens, Federico Bonelli and Alessandra Ferri


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