World Ballet Day 2017
Tuesday, 5th October 2017

Why every day should be World Ballet Day

Is World Ballet Day still a thing if you’re celebrating it every single day of your life?
Well, yeah of course, why losing the opportunity to sound like a (almost) normal person and not a ballet nerd!
With pretty much everyone on Instagram celebrating National Boyfriend Day, this might be a minor impact holiday for Pedestrians.
Pedestrians are, in my humble opinion, the plague of this world. I mean, we don’t really have to be balletomanes, but come on, after years and years I’ve gone mad answering to these ‘so you can stand on your toes’, ‘dance is a sport’, ‘doesn’t the bun hurt?’ and similar  ones.

Today is the day we celebrate a something which, if everyone on this planet had taken on as a child, the world would be a better place to live in. I’m not talking about nicer lines or postures (by the way someone should actually consider that), but by being introduced to ballet, you’re approaching art. Art of beauty most of all: everything about ballet is marvelous.

It takes sweat and blood, but I don’t think you’ll ever get to know a dancer saying this is not worth the pain. When you watch at ballet, you see amazing lines, as the artists are giving their best to convey the public that beauty, and by doing that, they are pushing boundaries: everyone is able to stay in their comfort zone, but ballet does not know one, even though the dancers make look everything easy (have you ever seen Marianela smiling whilst dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy? That’s crazy!). Then, it’s a truth universally acknowledged ballet children grow up smarter than other ones, as they have to think about a lot of things at once: choreography, technique, emotions. But the main reason why everyone should take ballet is that a ballet education (whether it’s professional or at amateur level) gives you discipline.


Ballet does not wait for you – you must achieve something: a combination of steps, a pirouette, a particularly hell-like adagio. Ballet dancers cry, but they don’t quit. Ballet dancers grow up with a different way of thinking than Pedestrians, maybe more strict and auto-critical, but not in a negative way: they’re keen on responsibilities, something this world really needs by now. Let’s keep in mind that discipline is not a dirty word, and ballet provide us both discipline and dedication.



When I was eight I did not want to go to ballet, I wanted to play soccer. Luckily I didn’t, but at the beginning I looked up to dance just because of my friends, then it started being a sort inner necessity: you know that ‘wait does number 9 really exist?’ kind of feeling (during a math class I actually went back from 8 to 1)… well, I’ve never took it at a professional level, but I would not be where I am now without ballet. I wouldn’t have such determination to achieve my dreams, and I wouldn’t be so passionate about what I do.

So tune into the livestream people (I unfortunately have classes at uni all day long): for this holy dance day the world’s top companies (even if I only care about Royal and perhaps San Francisco) are treating us with all with a free live access to rehearsals and classes! And yeah, I’ll probably be hiding myself in the back of the classroom with my iPad and headphones on.




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