ROHAlice 2

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Royal Opera House
Saturday, 14th October 2017


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – 10/14/2017


Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Steven McRae rehearsing Alice and the Knave of Hearts pas de deux


Alice: Anna Rose O’Sullivan
Jack / Knave of Hearts: Steven McRae
White Rabbit: Alexander Campbell
Mad Hatter: Joseph Sissens
Mother / Queen of Hearts: Laura Morera
Father / King of Hearts: Christopher Saunders
Alice’s sisters: Elizabeth Harrod, Romany Pajdak
Caterpillar: Nicol Edmonds
The Duchess: Gary Avis


When I saw ROH’s post on Facebook announcing that Anna Rose O’Sullivan would have replaced Sarah Lamb as Alice, I almost jumped for joy (even if I had already scheduled drawings of Sarah and Steven to be posted, but I was happy to work on new ones).
I infinitely love matinées, and the weekend couldn’t start better than with a Wonderland bound with Anna Rose as Alice and Steven McRae as Jack/Knave of Hearts in Christopher Wheeldon’s magical production.
It was my second time seeing it, and I was eagerly waiting to see a new cast in it, especially Anna Rose, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a different cast in this wonderful ballet.
Anna Rose was absolutely delightful, perfect in all her sassiness and brilliant interpretative skills scampering neatly around the weirdness around her: Alice’s role may have been created for Lauren Cuthbertson, but Anna Rose owned it with such a funny charisma, strong technique and shining smiles she left the whole ROH spellbound.

Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Steven McRae as Alice and the Knave of Hearts

Alongside her, Steven McRae was great (he’s actually amazing everything he does). Even though Jack’s role has no such depth of character, he was perfect in all his impressive technique and lyrical skills.
The whole production was impressive as always (special mention to the ever hilarious Duchess by Gary Avis), and I enjoyed Joseph Sissens’ Mad Hatter! It’s really good to see how Kevin is giving young artists such great opportunities to be center stage in such important roles.

Anna Rose O’Sullivan rehearsing Alice

I really liked Alexander Campbell’s White Rabbit, maybe even more than Hay’s, and Edmond’s Caterpillar.
I’m not spending further words about the Queen of Hearts: as I said in my previous review, I don’t like Morera’s dancing.
Finally, it was wonderful to meet Anna Rose, Steven and Elizabeth at the stage door, the’ve been so nice and their kind words really mean a lot to me. Glad they enjoyed the drawings as well!


Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Steven McRae’s curtain call


Programme signed by: Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Steven and Elizabeth McRae and Alexander Campbell


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