ROHAlice 3

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Royal Opera House
Monday, 23rd October 2017

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – 10/23/2017 

Down the rabbit hole we go!
Alice: Lauren Cuthbertson
Jack / Knave of Hearts: Federico Bonelli
White Rabbit: James Hay
Mad Hatter: Steven McRae
Mother / Queen of Hearts: Laura Morera
Father / King of Hearts: Christopher Saunders
Alice’s sisters: Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Meaghan Grace Hinkis
Caterpillar: Fernando Montano
The Duchess: Gary Avis


First of all, Italy, I hope you were watching, ‘cause that was Federico being amazing, completely erasing Bolle from your narrow minded brains.

Federico Bonelli as Jack

It’s beyond sad most italians don’t know who their brightest talents are: I mean guys, stop citing Carla Fracci, she’s about 80 or more and yeah, perhaps she was good for her times, but come on! Look at Valentino Zucchetti, Alessandra Ferri, Mara Galeazzi and Federico Bonelli: just because they don’t make sold out shows about “xxx and Friends” (any resemblance to persons here present is entirely accidental) it doesn’t mean it’s ok to get blank looks every time I say their names! After all, that’s exactly the mirror of our society: who’s only promoting himself gets fame, whilst who’s focusing on real art is under-appreciated and completely forgotten.

But coming to this amazing round of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this trip down the rabbit hole streamed live all over the world felt even more magical than the previous ones: the excitement of a cinema relay is real, and it’s so amazing that performances like this one are made so accessible by streaming it to cinemas! It’s been so whimsical and wondrous I’m actually feeling sorry for those who did not get to see it.

I even made a cinema cameo (with my mum and friends in Italy we were all like “go to your right, stand still, pic please!”).

Wonderland looking wonderfully real

I love seeing productions more than once: in this way you really have the chance to get everything from the ballet, starting with the choreography itself and going on with the smallest details of costumes, interactions between the corps, score’s scales and other features (such as the funny nod to Apollo’s pas de quatre in the Mad Hatter scene).

The whole show was amazing, from Lauren’s sassy tantrums (seriously those were life!), to Steven’s merry unbirthday vibes and the whole cast performing at its best: Royal was out in full force and I guess Kevin must have been bursting with pride seeing the company shining so brightly.

Admit it, didn’t you uncontrollably smile when the flower petals started dropping from the ceiling? Those costumes swooned as per usual, and all I was thinking after the Caterpillar piece, was that all I need for Christmas is sparkly pointe shoes, but then no, that’s not true, I want tons tons and tons of things for Christmas.


Can we take a moment for Steven and his tea party? It’s been nothing but tremendous, and a proper joy to watch! Yeah, I’ll never stop being amazed by Steven, he’s some sort of dancing god among humans to give us all masterclass of whatever he’s doing, being it tap or ballet.

And Lauren! Aww, she’s such an ethereal being, dancing so fluidly and elegantly in her created role!

Talking about Federico, he’s been able to give Jack’s role a further layer the character doesn’t actually have -it’s about time he gets his super deserved standing ovation all over the globe!
Special mention to James Hay’s White Rabbit as well: he was so in the character, providing such a stunning acting!


That cast! That choreography! Those costumes! That score!! It was all kinds of fabulous, showing the world a Royal gem by an utterly incredible company with an astounding night of wonderful wonderlands through ethereal elegance and acting. Definitely a 100% worth going to see (such a shame they are closing the production later this week). Through Wheeldon’s Alice, Lewis Carroll lives on: that’s without doubt a captivating translation of his novel, perfectly recalling Wonderland’s whimsical vibes with melodies, sets and such magically imaginative combinations.

Programme signed by: Lauren Cuthbertson, Federico Bonelli, Steven McRae and Gary Avis


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