ROHSwanLake 7

Swan Lake
Royal Opera House
Saturday, 9th June 2018

Swan Lake – 06/09/2018  

Matthew and Natasha in rehearsal
Odette/Odile: Natalia Osipova
Prince Siegfried: Matthew Ball
Von Rothbart: Gary Avis
Benno: Alexander Campbell
Siegfried’s sisters: Beatriz Stix Brunell, Itziar Mendizabal
Big swans: Claire Calvert, Mayara Magri
 Cygnets: Elizabeth Harrod, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Romany Pajdak, Isabella Gasparini

Yay, Matthew and Natasha alongside each other and Trooping the Colour on the same day! It’s been such an enjoyable Saturday, whose morning has been spent waiting in front of Buckingham Palace waiting for the Royal Family to get to the balcony in full force. And what a dream squad! George and Charlotte looked cute as cupcakes giggling with their parents and Kate was obviously flawless as per usual in her impeccable pale blue McQueen outfit. First balcony appearance for Meghan, but I actually did not like her outfit nor her hair style… but well, the truth is that I wanted to marry Prince Harry and that’s it. 


Matthew Ball as Prince Siegfried in his act 1 solo

Anyway, first of all: MAKE MATTHEW BALL A PRINCIPAL. Like NOW.

He deserves that. He’s had a killer season and he’s one of the best dancers among the Company, why is he still a First Soloist?! I NEED him to be promoted to Principal!

He’s so good, technicality and acting are melted together in all his performances, and he has such a great connection with Natasha (which is not such an easy task in my opinion). Indeed, he showcased rather fine dancing the best storytelling and he was just perfect.

On Friday it was announced that Matthew will dance the role of The Swan as part of Sir Matthew Bourne’s iconic Swan Lake next winter at the Sadler’s Wells. Despite not being a fan of remakes, I am very much looking forward to seeing him leading the production.  

Just love them and their chemistry

Natasha then was simply amazing. Even though I normally prefer more delicacy in the White Swan, she made a poignant Odette bounded by the lake by Von Rothbart’s spell. Yet, her Odile was the real treat of the night: she gave a firecracker performance full of allure and sensuality, and she actually was on fire on what was very much her own show. It has been so wondrous! 

She gazed at the audience with her ‘cygnat-ure’ baddie-grin, and dazzled throughout the whole third act not taking any notice of anyone, calling all the shots in her black tutu – she can show up on stage, be incredibly stormy and change routines, but she actually can, because she’s Osipova and she’s allowed to be as possessed as she wants.

How could you not love her to pieces? She’s crazy talented (or crazy and talented) and she was just TERRIFIC.

As she’s still recovering from a small injury, she did not do the fouettés, instead, she did a double manège with unbelievable speediness

Ready to rock Odile

Beside them, Gary was vileness personified Gary. I just cannot understand why is he not Von Rothbart in the first cast, he’s so much better than Bennett Gartside in the role, and brought it the right darkness and drama.

He totally killed it mastering brilliant acting – he deserves his MBE so freaking much!


Matthew and Natasha rehearsing Siegfried and Odette

It’s been quite a bright evening for Mayara in all her starring roles – lead waltz and polonaise, Big Swan and Spanish princess. A round of applause for her!

Alongside her, pretty good first act by Tierney Heap, Meaghan Hinkis, Fumi Kaneko, Nicol Edmonds, James Hay, Fernando Montano and Marcelino Sambé, and the other princesses in act 3 were gorgeous – Fumi as the Hungarian princess, Yuhui as the Italian princess and Anna Rose as the Polish princess.

The white act was stunningly beautiful, with everyone performing at their best, and in act 1 and 3 the two pas de trois were dazzling and lovely as per usual, brilliantly led by Alex (the best Benno I’ve seen this Season), along with Beatriz and Itziar.

Bea was a gem as she always is, but Itziar’s dancing didn’t tell much to me.  


It’s been such an uplifting show! Watching Natasha dancing is a unique experience: she totally gets you, she takes you with her in her whirlwind world and when the show finishes you’re both astonished and incredulous.
And Matthew is so swell! I’m so happy to see he’s spreading his wings and I can’t wait to witness his career with the Royal Ballet.

Programme signed by Natalia Osipova, Matthew Ball and Gary Avis






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